• Methods

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  • Who Am I?

  • Elite Athlete

    My 30 year experience in coaching and developing high potentials will increase your performance

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    Mental Coaching

    • Clarify your goals, motivation and action plan to make your project a success

    • Select the best support people, adapted to your specific performance needs
    • Assert your leadership within your team and when facing competitors
    • Maintain your engagement, control your emotions and energy on D-Day
    • Manage your injury intervals 

    Career Coaching

    • Step back on the relationship with your coach to be more effective and to make sound decisions
    • Develop your communication skills
    • Succeed in your after-sport life or your job search
  • Top Executive or Manager

    Apply the top-level methods to engage your team and pilot change.
    Individual coaching, co-coaching or team seminars

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    • Strengthen your vision and pilot change in a multi-cultural environment
    • Encourage cross-functional collaboration in complex organizations 
    • Re-inforce your employees' engagement
    • Prepare your teams for a high-stake event
    • Control your energy and your stress

    Career Coaching

    • Perfectly manage your arrival in a new job
    • Choose the best option for your professional evolution
  • Sports' Coach

    My 25 years experience in human ressources for international corporations will help you manage your teams.
    Individual coaching or group trainings.

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    • Assert your identity and your leadership style
    • Reinforce your team effectiveness
    • Select the best and manage a multicultural team
    • Develop your communication impact
    • Enhance mental prep of your athletes

    Career Coaching

    • Review and discuss your career next steps
  • Some of our group training

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    Team Management Fundamentals

    • Optimize organization and empowerment
    • Select the best people, identify high potentials
    • Manage individual performance...
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    Collective Efficiency 

    • Pull up your team and foster cooperation
    • Manage your energy as well as your team's
    • Leverage your team's motivation
    • Lead a transverse team, a remote network...
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    Communication – Change management

    • Build an efficient communication plan
    • Develop your impact in the communication field
    • Anticipate and manage individual resistances
    • Succeed your organizational change...
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    Personal Efficiency – Career Management

    • Assert your leadership style. Learn how and when to adapt it
    • Optimize your personal energy
    • Manage your time and priorities
    • Accelerate your professional development and make sound career choices...
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    Coach - Mental Prep

    • The coach: the first mental prep
    • The coach/coachee relationship
    • The coach's excellence: how to make a difference
    • Develop your mentoring posture as a sport coach...
  • Co-Coaching

    An original and powerful approach to group training

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    How does it work?

    • A group of 5-6 people, with the same level of responsibilities wishing to improve their leadership skills
    • A professional coach as moderator and facilitator
    • The "Coachee" explains his/her challenges 
    • Participants act as a coach and help the "Coachee" find solutions, with the help of the Professional coach
    • Cycle of 6 x half day sessions 


    • "I have finally understood what it means to be a coach as a manager"
    • "What you learn is easily and directly usable"
    • "I feel less lonely. I can now talk to my colleagues and discuss about any difficult situation"
    • "I gain confidence and impact in my communications"
  • My Blog

    Welcome to the blog! You can see my blog posts below.

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    + 33 6 08 77 67 22